Happiness is a choice!

As we live through life we go through ups and downs. And sometimes we get stuck in the down not understanding anything about why it happened or worse, blaming those that were involved. I've lived a lot of life and I now understand that life isn't about what went wrong, but it's about seeing all that went right even when it looks like its going "wrong".

I've learned to turn my traumas into life inspiring moments and I am here to show others how to do the same with their lives. Everything that happens in your life is happening FOR you. Let me show you how.

Here you will find the inspiring story of how a mother was faced with her child born sick and close to death and how she realized that she had an internal guidance system. By understanding her internal guidance system she was able to shift her reality from feeling heavy with guilt, loss and hopelessness to one of Empowerment, Inspiration and Excitement for Life.

She now knows that Life is Happening For You no matter what the current circumstances look like.

When the body speaks-book

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