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I am passionate about YOU!

Edie has a background in Ayurvedic Medicine, Yoga and Meditation. She used all her tools to guide individuals for over 13 years towards health teaching how to use food as medicine, the importance of self care as well as how to maintain mind health. She was an example of what she taught others and lived a health conscious life. 

When her third son was born her whole life changed. Conor was born with multiple health issues and she know longer felt like she knew anything about life, or health, for that matter. For 4 years Edie struggled to understand what was going on. She was depressed and she purposefully isolated herself from society. She felt like it was now her duty to keep her son alive and she was doing everything she could to do that never really noticing how depressed she was.

Until, one day she realized she wasn't happy, and she wasn't living. It was then that she understood the power of her emotions and how happiness was a choice that can be made every single day, or not. Her 3 Steps to happiness were the steps she used to change her life from surviving to thriving. The key is being happy first. When faced with trauma, happiness is the last emotion that you want to feel. Until you get sick and tired of being sick and tired, then everything changes.

Edie now wants to help everyone realize they can be happy no matter what situation they find themselves in. She considers herself a happiness guide because she can't make you happy, but she can give you the tools so that you may find your own happiness.

Edie also realizes that her son Conor came to her as one of her biggest teachers. Because of him she has learned:

  • How to find peace and solace in any situation

  • There are no mistakes

  • There isn't anything that has gone wrong, no matter what it looks like

  • Perfection is taking away judgement of good or bad 

  • Every single day is new and even better than the day before

  • When you can feel your emotions you can change them easier

  • We all have an internal guidance system that wants to lead us to satisfaction, it's our mind that blocks the way