Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Life has a way of throwing curve balls at us, it seems, all the time. Understanding that there is much more going on then you realize, or can see, is key to changing your life. What if, instead of seeing something happening as 'bad' you saw it as something that happened to help you in some way?

That's right, everything is happening FOR you and not here to harm or hurt you. It's here to serve you in some way. The way it serves you will depend on you and your unique circumstance. Every one of us is living our own reality and therefore how something benefits you is up to you to consider.

Let us look at our normal way of responding to something that came from 'out of the blue'. I know the way I would have responded in the past was to react. I would get upset and I would be unhappy and most of the time I would tell others about it. My focus on what was wrong wouldn't allow me to see anything else with the situation. Therefore, I was not viewing what happened as beneficial or good in any way. That would be how I would 'normally' react.

Now let us look at a new way of seeing a situation that we initially deem 'bad'. First, instead of thinking something is happening to me, as if I have no control, consider that you have always had control. Consider that everything that happens is always for your benefit. With that premise in mind when a situation happens you will be looking at it, not as a victim, but as someone being taught or someone gaining from the specific situation. When you change how you see what happens in your life you change your life, literally.

When my son Conor was born he had several things 'wrong' with him. I say 'wrong' because that is how myself and society would view what he was going through. He had several heart defects, and his lungs wouldn't absorb the oxygen he needed to stay alive without a ventilator. I was reacting to the situation as if something was happening and I had no control. So I was sad. I was mad. I was angry with life thinking that it was unfair. For months I continued to believe that something had gone 'wrong' in my life. Then, something shifted in me. I started to view my situation as a blessing. I started to talk to myself about what was going right. I asked myself, "What are you gaining from this situation?" Once a question is asked, it is always answered. The answer that came was so big and so full that it's too much to share all of what I gained, but I am going to say that it changed my life. That situation has changed how I view the world and the way I see us all make choices. That situation is what woke me up to realise that there is nothing going on that I haven't asked for. That situation is what helped me see that life was indeed happening FOR me and that EVERYTHING was always working out for me.

When you stop reacting to life and instead see life as a co-conspirator, a reality that is supporting you at all times, life changes. Life doesn't change small, it changes big. But it's up to you to choose how you want to see it.


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