Feel your truth

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Your body was programmed to feel your truth. We were not taught this little nugget of information, yet once I realized this it changed my life. Most people are wanting to "check the facts" when they here information from someone. Well, what if your truth isn't someone else's truth and so something that was completely true for one isn't true for another? This is truth and you can only discern YOUR truth by how it feels when you hear it.

A friend of mine is an astrologer. He posted on social media the following, "Worth repeating: you "attract what you ARE, not what you WANT". As a creator you can create anything, including what you want. I ask you to feel his words. Do they feel freeing? Do they feel constricting? If they feel constricting it simply means this statement is not true for you which is how I felt it when I read it. He, on the other hand, may feel freeing when he hears those words and so they are true for him.

Don't let people tell you your truth. You are creating this life as you want and what doesn't serve you or fit, need not be involved or believed by you. Feel the truth in words. I know some of the ideas and beliefs I hold may not feel comfortable to some who read them. That does not mean they aren't true. It means the hearer of the information is not in alignment with what was said. That is all. It doesn't mean I am wrong or you are wrong.

If you see or hear information that feels yucky and its all over the news, is it true? Once you realize that we are all creating our own reality you can choose what you allow into yours. When you give your attention to anything you increase its chances of happening in your life. Why give your attention to something that doesn't align with what feels good to you? Now, I know people would say, "how can you live with your head in the sand and not pay attention to all the bad in the world?" To that I would say, my world holds only beauty and opportunity to evolve my awareness. What you deem bad and what shouldn't happen, may be taking away growth experiences and creative freedom from others. If you view something "bad" and cannot let it be then it is calling you for a reason. Don't include me in it. Realize that is your journey.

Feel the words you hear and discern if you want more of it or not. If you focus on anything, good or bad, positive or negative, you give it energy and you increase the chances of it happening in your life. Your emotions are not to be ignored. They are your guidance system ready for you to listen and let them be your guide.

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