Life is not a One Size Fits All

I've often found myself comparing myself to others- where they are in life, where I am; What they have achieved, what I have....but that serves no one.

Many times throughout my life I find myself thinking that I should be at this level by now, financially or I should own a house, a car, a.... but then I pull it all back in and regroup.

Thinking I should be somewhere I'm not is serving no body, especially me. When I go through life thinking I should be somewhere I'm not then I miss what now has to offer. I miss all that now is showing me and I miss my journey. We've all heard the saying, "Enjoy the journey." What I've realized is enjoying the journey IS what life is about. If you aren't enjoying where you are then you are missing the point.

What I've realized is enjoying the journey IS what life is about.#enjoythejourney

Life throws many things along our paths. These, what you may call obstacles, are not there to bring you down or make you compare yourself to others. I believe, the obstacles are there to help you focus on what you do want. However, what mostly happens, until you are aware of what you're doing, is you focus on what you don't want. You focus on the problem. But what if it was just the opposite of why the obstacle was happening? What if the purpose was to show you or help you fine tune and focus on what it is you do want?

Life isn't a one size fits all because we all have our own individual journey that we are #living. My life and journey does not duplicate anyone else and therefore I can't expect the same results. Looking at where someone else is at in life isn't fair to understanding your journey or even where you are going.

The next time you catch yourself not enjoying the journey, interrupt the process and ask yourself, "What is it that I want in this situation?" "What would I rather be experiencing?" This will lead you towards understanding why that obstacle happened and how you can get back on track with creating the life you want.

#onesizedoesnotfitall, #life

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