Sayings that hold us back

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

I'm sure this blog will be added to as I go, but I wanted to bring some awareness to sayings that are common among us, but don't serve us.

If you don't remember the past you will repeat it.

What you give your attention to increases. The best way to repeat the past is to remember it and bring it forward into the now. What if we realized that nothing ever went wrong? What if every single happening was intentional and purposeful for our growth and evolution? If you see the world through that lens then you need not look back at anything in the past. You realize that it is finished and served its purpose. #dontrepeatthepast #dontlookback

you have to work hard to succeed

I am not saying that some people don't work hard and succeed. On the contrary, there are many people who have done just that and have suffered from serious health conditions due to stress and over exertion. There is another way. A way that isn't hard and you can still succeed, but you must believe in whatever it is you want to achieve first and you must feel as if you've already gotten there. The work comes from keeping yourself in alignment with what you wish to achieve without doubt and changing your mind. You see, you are a creator. You can be, do or have anything in this world that you want. When you align with that energy and that belief you can go to places only in your imagination because that is where creation starts. In your imagination. Align yourself with what you desire and keep yourself in a space of expectation and satisfaction and viola, see in your reality what you only once saw in your head. #alignment #creator #energy #imagination

go beyond your thoughts and emotions to experience bliss

This is a saying I hear a lot in religious and spiritual circles. I used to believe it myself. But, it doesn't have to be true. In fact, I was getting nowhere in my evolution by believing this. Why? Because your thoughts are what's creating your reality and your emotions are letting you know when you are on track or not. You can't evolve without being fully aware of what you are thinking and how you feel. You came to this earth for the joy. Going beyond your thoughts (what does that mean anyway?) and emotions is exactly the opposite of what you need to do and I believe that religious organizations know this.

If you are in tune with your thoughts then you know whats coming in your life. You can, in fact, project what you would like to see happen and it will happen. If you are in tune with your emotions you would know when you are off track with what you want to see in your life, or not. The emotions bring clarity to a situation and work with your thoughts. Having no thoughts or emotions is impossible. Because even when you feel good you are having an emotion and a thought. It's knowing what thought is creating the blissful emotion that helps you to evolve and transcend. Having said that, negative emotion holds value because it indicates to you, clearly, what you don't want. Without having negative emotion you would not know what you want or don't want to see in your reality. #evolution #joy #bliss

you don't get what you want in this life, you get what you deserve

How does that feel? This saying plays right into being a victim. There is nothing empowering or uplifting about this saying. Every one of us is attracting to us what we think and feel. Your thoughts are what you are creating and your emotions are your indicator if you are on track and receiving or not. You get what you attract, not what you deserve. There is no deserving in this universe. Things just are by what you attract. You are so free you can choose bondage. This topic brings me to my next... #empowering #uplifting #universe


Karma has been so misunderstood. I lived in a yoga community (an ashram) for nearly three years and continued to practice the tradition for over a decade. The common belief is that you get what you put out in this world and that life and death (reincarnation) have to do with what you put out while you lived. My belief has changed. How someone interprets your actions may have more to do with their life's views then your intention. Karma has nothing to do with others. Pay attention to your own intentions.

My view of life is that nothing has ever gone wrong, EVERYTHING is an opportunity to expand your awareness and grow while you are in human form. Your power is now. What you did in the past does not matter nor does it exist unless you bring it to your now to live again. There is only now. What you did in past lives do not matter either. Your power is now. My belief is that karma was constructed by religion to hold power over people instead of people holding their own power. But, as life has it, you have a choice to believe in karma or not and therefore you are creating your reality. #karma #ashram #everythingisalwaysworkingoutforme #lifeishappeningforyou

the subconscious mind controls your reality

This has become a popular belief because most people aren't aware of what they are thinking and feeling and things happen in their life that they think came from nowhere. Instead of taking on the fact that they are sloppy thinkers, they would rather blame their subconscious mind. Do you feel good when you hear that your subconscious mind is creating your reality? If you do it's only because you haven't taken ownership of your own power. Your conscious mind creates. Your emotions are your indicator if you are on track or not. Your power is now. Only now. So, right now, what are you thinking and how are you feeling? #createyourreality #subconsciousmind #powerofnow

I have to go back and clear up past life stuff

No you don't. There is nothing in your past life that is affecting you unless you have brought it forward and in order for you to bring it forward to now, you would need to be aware of it. Are you? If you are not, then let it be. Your power is in your now and now and now. Not in the past, not in the future. No time exists except for NOW!

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