Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Every, single, thing vibrates. Including you. If you look at vibration as a frequency you see it in a way that will make sense as to why and how you get what you get in life.

Imagine a radio. The radio is tuned to a frequency to receive the channel you are looking for. The same is happening with you. Your emotions are you tuning to a frequency. You get back or attract to you whatever frequency you are on. If you have a constant feeling of worry then you will attract to you more things to worry about. If you have a constant feeling of contentment and satisfaction, then you will attract to your life more experiences that will bring you contentment and satisfaction. It is ultimately and always your choice.

The first step is being aware of what your thoughts are and how they are making you feel. Connect the mind and body and you can adjust your thoughts and feelings. The reason why things happen in your life that you didn't expect is because you aren't thinking clearly and/or you aren't aware of what you are thinking. Your thoughts hold a frequency that translates to your body and your body emits that frequency.

There are no thoughts that go unnoticed. If you have a tendency of thinking negatively about yourself and you don't feel good about who you are or how you look, your body is vibrating to those thoughts and is sending out people, places and things that will only give you more bad feelings about yourself. Loving yourself, as you are, is one of the best ways to start realizing and connecting mind and body. Pay attention to your inner dialog and know that you thinking badly about yourself will only hold you back.

The second step is being aware of what energy you are bringing to a person, situation or event. Life is a reflection of your vibration. PERIOD. If you are in a situation and something someone says to you makes you feel bad, or it makes you start thinking in ways that now you find yourself offended or hurt, take a look at the energy you brought to the situation. Your energy is what brought you to that conclusion. There are no mistakes in this life, nor are there events or circumstances that happen where it's purpose was to bring you down. No, everything is HAPPENING FOR YOU! It may take some time to realize why and what for, but I can assure you, you are that important to life that it is always responding to you, only you.

If you don't already have a meditation practice then I highly suggest you start one if understanding your vibration and what happens in your life is important to you. When you meditate you give a space between what you are thinking and you can see more clearly your thoughts. There are several ways to meditate. Find one that suits you and makes you want to do it. Never continue something that seems like hard work because you won't get out of it fully what you can if you enjoyed it. Try different paths and find one that fits you.

Once you realize how important you are to the universe you start to see how life is constantly responding to you and you can adjust and enjoy life on a whole different level. Understanding your frequency is the first step to understanding your importance in life and how life reflects, uplifts, highlights and responds to your vibration. Always.

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