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I've always had a different perspective of what is happening in my life and the world as a whole. I used to not like that I had a different view, but I have since grown to love that I view the world differently because my beliefs empower me. I realized that whatever you believe, it's true, so you can change beliefs if your current ones don't suit or feel good.

Let me give you an example of how I see the world differently. I have two friends Mary and Sue, both are Latina women. Sue teaches a fitness class and is successful in her neighborhood. Mary goes to the gym in her neighborhood, a more high end area of town. Mary kept asking Sue to come and teach her fitness class at her gym in the high end neighborhood, but Sue kept saying that those people are stuck up and they won't like a Latina girl coming in and teaching in their high end neighborhood, so she kept refusing. This went on for at least 3 months. After weeks of coaxing, Sue finally gave in to Mary and said that if Mary sat it up with the gym then she would agree to teach there. Mary set it up and the day Sue was to go to teach she invited all her friends from her neighborhood to come and take her class in the high end community. Needless to say the girls didn't have id or a membership to the gym and were refused entry, plus Sue was late and came in with her attitude that they wouldn't like her there. So guess what? Sue had the worse experience which lead to her complaining about management with the gym and never being asked back again.

When I heard this story I knew that it couldn't go right because Sue was setting the scene for it all to go terribly wrong. First, her opinion about the community was very negative and secondly, that she thought the people that attended the gym were all stuck up. So it didn't go good. However, neither Mary nor Sue understood that Sue created her own reality and got exactly what she expected. In fact, most everyone the ladies told the story to agreed that the community was racist and not ready for a Latina to come in and teach them fitness.

I realized a long time ago that I held all the power. Me and me alone is in charge of what happens in my life. I am creating this shit!!

Blaming others or blaming circumstances only dis-empowers you and leaves you feeling vulnerable and helpless. That wasn't your intention when we chose to take a human body. Your intention was to know that you are in charge and if you don't like something then it is within your power to change it.

"I realized a long time ago that I held all the power. Me and me alone is in charge of what happens in my life."


The world you experience is a reflection of all your combined beliefs. Nothing can happen in your world without you first believing in it. Those who think things happen out of nowhere have it backwards. You must first believe it can happen before you can see it in your everyday life.

Sometimes what manifests in your life is responding to your emotional state and so can look and be perceived as happening out of nowhere because some of us are disconnected from understanding that what we feel is directly linked to what we are thinking. Once you bring awareness to and understand that your thoughts and feelings are directly linked and what you ultimately attract you empower yourself and your life by living on purpose. The work is in connecting how you think and feel and controlling those components. That was what you were meant to realize and do.

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