Why taking action creates stress

Do you feel pushed, pressured and like you have to take action even if you don't feel like it's the right time?

I'm the type of person that likes to get in the space or energy of an action before I take action. Why? Because if I take action through pressure or because it's expected of me then I won't give the best I could do.

Some action is better than no action

“Version one is better than version none”

I hear it all the time. Do something- don't just sit there. Has anyone ever thought that we weren't all built the same? I know that I don't personally give my best when I'm forced to do something just because it's expected. Think about your children. Do you really think they are giving their best just because you want them to do something. Chances are, they aren't .

Put yourself in that place of Feeling Good

When you feel good, whatever you do just flows from you. It really doesn't matter what it is, rather it be doing the dishes, folding clothes or dancing, whenever you act from the space of feeling good it's easy.

The only action that needs to be taken is to put yourself in a space of Feeling Great!

“Take some time to put yourself in a space that makes you feel good. Rather is be thinking about a great memory, spending time with a baby or animal, whatever it is, put yourself in the best space.”

When you put yourself in the best space and then you do an action you empower yourself and you get whatever it is that needed to be done, done. It takes virtually no effort, when you feel good, to get something done. Now, why aren't we teaching about getting yourself in a great space first? Because sometimes you just can't get yourself in that good feeling space. And sometimes stuff just needs to be done. Remember that if you feel shitty when you set out to do something it will take a long time, it won't be fun, and you probably won't be happy with the outcome. So why put yourself through that?

A lot of people aren't sure what brings them joy or happiness. The foundation of you being is about feeling good. You have come into this physical body to have an amazing life and if you don't know what makes you feel good then you are missing the whole point of why you are here. You have not come to struggle. You have not come to prove something. You have come to live life on your unique terms and to experience all that you are inspired to experience. If you aren't, right now, happy in your life then lets sit down and get started. Today is the day for you to start living your amazing life :)

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