you are already perfect

Your thoughts about yourself are powerfully attracting and the stories you tell yourself not only hold you back, but keep you where you don't want to be.

I remember when I realized that the story I had on repeat in my head wasn't serving me. When I say, "it wasn't serving me", I mean that the story didn't feel good. The stories were hurtful and left me feeling vulnerable and fearful in life. After years of meditating regularly I still noticed that I played these fearful, hurtful stories on occasion and therefore I was still carrying that energy within me.

When my son Conor was born with health conditions and what people viewed as something wrong I realized that nothing is ever wrong and everything and everybody is already, always perfect. Including the way my son came into this world and how he continues to live to this day. He doesn't need "fixing". That's when I really understood the determent the stories in my head were having on my life experience.

WE, as a society, are taught to be fearful. We are taught from a young age that things can go wrong and often do and sometimes it's your fault. We blame others when our world isn't going right. Well, what if our world not going right was only happening because the stories in our heads are attracting them. What if we realized that nothing is ever going wrong and that, in fact, we are already perfect.

Let's imagine that we believed we were already perfect. We wouldn't need to "fix" anything about ourselves. We would feel relief, as if a weight has been lifted. Instead of spending all the time on how we can make ourselves or those around us better we realized nothing needed to change and we would be free to enjoy life instead of worry about it. We would fill our heads with what makes us happy and engaged with life. Because, in fact, you are here for the joy, not to fix yourself, others or the world.

The ongoing dialog you play in your head has not served you. It makes you feel bad and always seeking for better. Your emotions are your powerful guidance system teaching you that the way you are thinking is not true because it doesn't feel good. Your truth feels good. Your truth lifts you up and makes you high. Your truth is telling you that you are perfect just as you are, right now! Listen to that inner guidance. Listen to your truth and stop thinking you have to be fixed. You don't. You are already perfect!

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